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Dynamic Library Binder downloads

Official Release


Alpha release for 1.0. Fully working on Intel x86 32-bit architectures, it solves some basic problems of the previous versions and introduces a new way to interface C libraries. Compatible with Falcon 0.9.4 "Eagle" (all sub-releases).


Falcon-dynlib-0.9.99.tgzSource packagesource
DynLib-0.9.99-VS8.zipBinary pre-compiled WIN32 - VS8prebuilt
DynLib-0.9.99-VS9.zipBinary pre-compiled WIN32 - VS9prebuilt
DynLib-0.9.99-bin.tgzBinary pre-compiled TGZ (Linux32)prebuilt
Falcon-dynlib-0.9.99.dmgBinary pre-compiled i32 MacOSX 10.5/6prebuilt
DynLib-docs-0.9.99.tgzDocumentation in HTML formatdocs

Latest Release


This is a development snapshot updating compatibility with Falcon 0.8.14 and adding some important features. They are under testing and documentation is still incomplete, but they are mostly working.


DynLib-0.9.5-VS8.zipWin-32 binary module.prebuilt
DynLib-0.9.5-bin.tgzLinux x86 binary moduleprebuilt
dynlib-0.9.5.tgzSource package (tgz)source
dynlib-0.9.5.zip Source package in .zip formatsource
DynLib-docs-0.9.5.tgzDocumentation in HTML format (tgz)docs
DynLib-docs-0.9.5.zipDocumentation in HTML format (zip)docs

Other releases in this project


This release comes with a complete test suite which allowed relevant bug fixes, and adds relevant functions. This is also a release candidate (will be 1.0 when porting on Sparc is complete).


DynLib-0.9.2-VS8.zipBinary module for MS-Windows (VS8)prebuilt
DynLib-0.9.2-bin.tgzLinux x86 binary moduleprebuilt
DynLib-docs-0.9.2.zipDocumentation in HTML format (zip)docs
DynLib-docs-0.9.2.tgzDocumentation in HTML format (tgz)docs
DynLib-0.9.2-macosx.zipMacOSX 10.4/5 binary moduleprebuilt
DynLib-0.9.2.tgzSource package (tgz)source
DynLib-0.9.2.zipSource package (zip)source


Release candidate for 1.0. We dispatch this binary package that will be converted in the final one once a complete round of tests is performed on all the supported platforms.

DynLib-docs-0.9.tgzDocumentation in HTML format.docs
dynlib-src.zipSource package in .zip formatsource
dynlib-win32.zipWin-32 binary module.prebuilt
DynLib-0.9-bin.tgzLinux x86 binary moduleprebuilt

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