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System related services. More...

#include <falcon/types.h>
#include <falcon/dir_sys.h>
#include <falcon/time_sys.h>

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namespace  Falcon
namespace  Falcon::Sys


FALCON_DYN_SYM bool Falcon::Sys::_describeError (int64 eid, String &target)
FALCON_DYN_SYM void Falcon::Sys::_dummy_ctrl_c_handler ()
FALCON_DYN_SYM bool Falcon::Sys::_getEnv (const String &var, String &result)
FALCON_DYN_SYM int64 Falcon::Sys::_lastError ()
FALCON_DYN_SYM numeric Falcon::Sys::_localSeconds ()
 Gives current second count from Epoch in localtime.
FALCON_DYN_SYM uint32 Falcon::Sys::_milliseconds ()
 Returns a counter representing a time entity.
FALCON_DYN_SYM numeric Falcon::Sys::_seconds ()
 Gives current second count from Epoch.
FALCON_DYN_SYM bool Falcon::Sys::_setEnv (const String &var, const String &value)
FALCON_DYN_SYM void Falcon::Sys::_tempName (::Falcon::String &res)
 Returns a valid and possibly unique temporary file name.
FALCON_DYN_SYM bool Falcon::Sys::_unsetEnv (const String &var)

Detailed Description

System related services.

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