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SDL Library bindings

Set of modules providing a fast interface to various SDL components.

Project outline

Project documentation: online.

Development trunk at: svn://falconpl.org/falcon/modules/sdl

Detailed description

SDL (Simple Direct Layer) is a small framework providing basic multiplatform layer to the graphic, sound and input subsystems.

The modules developed under this project are "smart bindings" of SDL, following its overall modular structure and providing separate modules to access different SDL components.

The binding is "smart" because it doesn't simply replicates the SDL API: it provides an optimal bridge between the SDL low level representation of devices and the capabilities of a 4th generation language as Falcon.

At the moment, only the vast majority of the base SDL module, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer and SDL_Image are covered. We're working to provide more interfaces (ffmpg).

Also, we're working towards an essential but powerful SDL based GUI meant for full-screen applications (i.e. games).


Released SDL 0.9.12
Posted by jonnymind on 2009-11-21
The SDL module is now released on all supported platforms for Falcon Eagle. It contains also a few bugfixes.

You can get it from the download area.
SDL 0.9.10 Ready
Posted by jonnymind on 2009-07-07
The new version for Falcon Crane (0.9 series) is ready for download.
Releasing 0.9.6
Posted by jonnymind on 2009-03-14
A packaging error in 0.9.6 and a few fixes on alpha channel management leaded to this small release. The release is being completed with binary packages for Windows and Mac in this hours.
Integrating SDL_image 1.2.7
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-11-26
We're updating the SDL module and the development data with the newly released SDL_image 1.2.7. We'll take the occasion to release a bugfix version in a few days.
FSDL 0.9 released
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-11-15
We have packed and released Falcon-SDL 0.9 with binary builds for GNU/Linux x86, MacOSX and Windows.
SDL modules ported on Win32 and MacOSX
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-10-10
SDL modules are now working on MS-Windows and MacOSX.
SDL Mixer and Image now operating
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-10-09
SDL Mixer and SDL Image are now being actively developed.
SDL back on activity
Posted by jonnymind on 2008-09-02
SDL has been just updated to the Falcon Condor-dev API; the trunk in SVN now compiles against the latest Falcon, and all the tests are passed. Also, development is starting again...

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